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Learning the Russian Language

The Russian language, also known as Русский язык (Russkiy yazyk), is the most geographically widespread language of Europe and Asia. The Russian language is very usefull in international communication. It is used for all comunication between former soviet countries, those forming the CIS and Russia. The Russian language is one of the 6 official languages of the UN.

Learning Russian language makes it easy for you to travel all the former soviet countries, as well as Russia, to interact with the locals, and to understand the local culture.

As Russia is going through huge political and economical reforms in recent years, it is once again becoming one of the world's superpower. Russian is spoken by 285 Million people, it’s the fourth most spoken language in the world.

example of the russian alphabet.

Russian alphabet


Russians, like most Europeans, are very proud of their own language. Most of the locals would be exceptionally happy and nice to you if they know you speak their language. Some might even invite you over for a drink.

Is it hard to learn the Russian Language?

It's much easier to learn the Russian language if you are staying in Russia while you are learning the language. It would also be much easier if you are a native speaker of some European languages such as German, Italian, Greek and Latin as you will be familiar with the gramatical gender system (Masculine, Feminine, Neutral genders of nouns, adjectives). There are many words in Russian which are exactly the same as in English, hence it should be relatively easier if you have a good command in English.

On average, it takes around 3 months of intensive 5 days a week Russian language courses to be competent in listening and writing , and approximately 6 months to be able to speak simple and correct sentences. It would probably take double the time if you are learning the Russian language outside Russia.

Learning the Cyrillic alphabet is somewhat challenging, as many of the Russian alphabets would be confused with the latin equivalent of that particular alphabet. There are also many "Rules" of the language known as "PADEZH", which dictates the ending of certain adjectives at different situations.

Where can I find a good, reliable and inexpensive Russian Language center?

I had a 3 month summer course in this institute called the "Pushkin State Institute of Russian Language".

It is a teaching and research center for Russian Language. It specializes in teaching the Russian language to foreigners. They have teachers who can speak fluently in English, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

Pushkin institute of russian language

It offers various types of programs such as

  • 3 month summer / winter courses
  • Four years Bachelor Program
  • Two years Master Program
  • Three years Post Graduate Program

Upon graduation, the students are granted state diplomas (for summer courses), degrees of Bachelor of Russian Language Philology and Master of Philology specializing in teaching Russian as a foreign language.

The Pushkin State Institute of Russian Language offers dorms to stay, with single room, 2 per room and 3 per room options. There is a kitchen with 8 stoves in every floor, and you are only allowed to cook outside. This is to encourage interaction between the students when they are cooking.

pushkin institute of russian language

They have good sports fascilities, students are often seen playing basketball, volleyball, tennis, ping pong and other sports. They also encourage students (by giving medals and certificate of participation) to participate in various activities such as dancing (Russian traditional dance), giving speeches and other interesting activities.

russian language in moscow

There is a bar and a canteen in the institute, and there is a bus stop just outside the institute, which connects to 3 Metro stations nearby. The nearest Metro station is just 15 minutes walk away. Every weekend, there will be a disco held in the canteen where it is a good opportunity to meet new people and practice the Russian language.pushkin institute of russian language

Price of a summer course is approximately 400-600 Euros, with discounts for group application and early payment. Payment is upon arrival, and in Roubles only. Staying in the dorm is optional, but it is a much cheaper option compared to finding a private apartment in Moscow. Price is inclusive of weekly excursions to different sights in Moscow (guide speaks in Russian).

Website : (English accessible)