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The Pre-Moscow Glory

General Information on Vladimir


Once the capital of Russia, in the early 14th centuries. The city is one of the most visited destinations within the popular Golden Ring circuit, as it preserves several of the finest monuments of white-stone medieval architecture in Russia, along with a number of later buildings from the 16th–20th centuries.

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Sights in Vladimir



The magnificent Assumption Cathedral is what you see first when you enter Cathedral Square.

It was different when it was built in 1158. Gilded decorative friezes, carved reliefs and multi-colored frescos graced its outer walls. Everything was destroyed in the great fire in 1185. That fire changed the face of the Cathedral, but the Cathedral remained a wonderful masterpiece and still retained its beauty. It survived the next great fire when Mongol-Tatars trapped all the prince's family in the cathedral and set it on fire.

It had been the principal church where princes of ancient Russia were crowned. In those times Vladimir had been the capital of Russia. The Cathedral retained its privileges for a long time after Vladimir lost its power and influence to rulers of Moscow, who took the title of grand-prince.
Assumption Cathedral is today a functioning church. Apart from admiring the beauty of the Cathedral, you can take part in its services. Such an experience you will never forget.


The Golden Gate erected in 1164 is one of the most outstanding symbols of the ancient city of Vladimir.
It was once a formidable fortress, and the main entrance to the city. Alexander Nevsky and Dmitri Donskoy passed through the Golden Gate to enter Vladimir and become princes of Ancient Russia.

The Golden Gate saw glorious Russian troops march through it to deter threats, witnessed celebrations and tragedies, festives and destruction.


The Cathedral of St. Demetrius, is one of the most graceful and beautiful churches in Vladimir. It is like an icon in stone. The sculptural decor incorporates subjects from the Bible and classical Greek mythology. In the central parts of the facades the image of King David is repeated.

An exhibition of the history of the Vladimir area.
Working hours 10:00-17:00, Wednesday and Thursday 10:00-16:00
Closed Monday, the last Thursday of every month
Address: 64, B. Moskovskaya St.
Tel: (4922) 32-22-84

The Church of St. Nicolas at the Galleys is the smallest in Vladimir and nonetheless a very fascinating one. The Church was built in 1732-1735 and its construction was sponsored by a rich merchant Ivan Grigoriev Pavlygin.

THE TRINITY CHURCH & Museum of Crystal, Lacquered Miniatures and Embroidery
Located on Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street in front of the Golden Gates. A young church build about 100 years ago. Currently functions as a museum.

Exhibition "Old Vladimir"
Former XIX century water tower
Working hours 10:00-17:00, Wednesday and Thursday 10:00-16:00
Closed Monday, the last Friday of every month
Address: Kozlov Val St.
Tel: (4922) 32-54-51

Map of Vladimir



How to get to Vladimir

By train

Train journey 2.5 hours, approximately 200 Roubles.

From Moscow:
There are 2 types of train which goes to Vladimir.

      1. Local suburb trains (electrichka) which departs from KURSKY train station. Runs 3 times a day.
      2. Long distance trains (trans-siberian train) which departs from KURSKY, YAROSLAVSKY or KAZANSKAYA station. 6-7 times a day.
        Tickets are limited!!

By bus

From Moscow:

From the central (intercity) bus station located at Shelkovskaya metro station. There are at least ten buses per day, either running between Moscow and Vladimir.

There are also private buses that depart from Kursky railway station. Such buses leave every 30 minutes or even more often. The trip takes at least 3 hours, the price is about 300 rubles as of October 2008. Expect a longer trip during the weekdays (especially in the evening due to traffic problems near Moscow) and long queues for the buses during rush hours (e.g., Friday and Sunday evenings).

Accommodations in Vladimir

Budget Hotels

Zarya Hotel

Price : starting 520 roubles - single room ; 820 Roubles - double room

Address : г.Владимир, ул.Студеная гора, 36-а

Tel : +7 (4922) 321441

website : (english available)

Profkursi Hotel

Price : Starting 500 Roubles - single room; 600 Roubles - double room

Address : улица Добросельская, дом 21

Tel : +7 (4922)213760, +7 (4922) 213564

Higher End Hotels

Vladimir Hotel

Price : Starting from 2000 Roubles - single room; 2400 Roubles -double room

Address : Vladimir, Bolshaya Moskovskaya St.,74

Tel : +7 (4922) 32-30-42, +7 (4922) 32-44-47

website : (english available)

Vladimir Dvorik Hotel

Price : Starting from 3000 Roubles

Address : г.Владимир, улица Подбельского (бывшая улица Троицкая), д.12

Tel : +7 (4922) 32-71-06, +7 (4922) 32-36-53

website : (Russian Only)

Restaurants and Entertainments in Vladimir

There are a lot of restaurants along Bolshaya Moskovskaya street, which is the main road where all the sights are located.

restaurants in Vladimir

  1. Via Del Caffe
    Владимир, ул. Большая Московская, 12
    +7 (4922) 323295

  2. Доля Ангела
    Владимир, ул. Большая Московская, 16
    +7 (4922) 326545

  3. Китайская Камелия ( Chinese)
    Владимир, ул. Большая Московская, 15
    +7 (4922) 370107

  4. Суши бар Кабуки (Sushi-Bar)
    Владимир, ул. Спасская, 1а
    +7 (4922) 323898

  5. Токио Суши-бар (Sushi-Bar)
    Владимир, ул. Большая Московская, 16, 2 эт.
    +7 (4922) 376227

  6. У Золотых ворот
    Владимир, Большая Московская ул., 15
    +7 (4922) 420823 +7 (4922) 420016