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The Stunning Russian Medieval Architecture

General Information on Suzdal


Suzdal lies 37 kilometers north of Vladimir, along the river Kamenka. It is one of the "Golden Ring" cities, which is famous for its monasteries and churches.

Suzdal Panorama


Sights in Suzdal


There are 4 main parts of Suzdal, all connected by 1 main street called ULITSA LENINA ( Lenin's street). Southmost is the KREMLIN, right in the middle lies the trading square, northmost is the SAVIOUR MONASTERY OF ST EUTHYMIUS and between it and the trading square is The Monastery of the Deposition of the Holy Robe.

Trading Square (Torgovaya Ploshchad)

This is the first thing you see after walking 2 kilometers from the central bus stop in Suzdal. (its a very straight road). Alternatively you can take a van (runs frequently) for 15 roubles. This is my favourite trading square by far because of the famous Russian Honey wine which can only be found here.
There are also lots of traditional Russian souvenirs in this square , and its relatively cheaper compared to Moscow. And the people here are much more friendly too.

trading square suzdal

Suzdal's Kremlin

suzdal kremlin

Within the Kremlin, there are a few notable sights.

Nativity of Virgin Cathedral

  • Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral
  • Archbishop’s Chambers (houses Suzdal's history exhibition)
  • kremlin bell tower
  • St Nicholas's Church


savior monastery of st euthymius

You have to pay for every place u are going to visit, and each place cost around 50roubles. Pay for photography also. And the worst thing is there is practically nothing much to see there but a few run down repainted drawings of some old churches. The scenary from outside is beautiful, but there is nothing much inside.

The Monastery of the Deposition of the Holy Robe

Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life
wooden architecture


This museum is worth going. Shows the life of a Russian peasant and the wooden houses. Quite informative.
To get here, you will have to walk a very beautiful small road west from the kremlin.

Map of Suzdal



How to get to Vladimir

Unfortunately the only way to get to Suzdal is by bus , which leaves from the central bus station of Vladimir at the following times :

Vladimir - Suzdal

6.40. 7.30. 8.00. 8.30. 9.00. 9.30. 10.00. 10.30. 11.00. 11.30. 12.30. 13.30. 14.00. 14.30. 15.00. 15.30. 16.00. 16.30. 17.00. 17.30. 18.00. 18.30. 19.30. 20.40. 21.40.

Returning busses from Suzdal to Vladimir leaves at the following times:

Suzdal - Vladimir

5.20. 6.00. 6.30. 7.00. 7.30. 8.00 8.30. 9.00. 9.30. 10.00. 11.00. 13.30. 14.00. 14.30. 15.00. 15.30. 16.00. 16.30. 17.00. 18.00. 19.00. 20.00.

Direct busses from Suzdal to Moscow leaves at the following time

Suzdal - Moscow

5.15. ( except Sundays ) 12.00. ( on Sundays )
13.20. 16.40. 17.25. (transit busses)

*Based on my experience, its not advisable to take the Suzdal- Moscow bus because the busses leaving from Suzdal directly to Moscow are usually quite run down and smelly. But then again, it could be just my luck.

Accommodations in Suzdal


Пушкарская слобода (resort-like hotel)

Price : 6000 Roubles

Address : Владимирская обл., г.Суздаль, ул.Ленина,45.

Tel : +7(49231) 2-33-03

Website : (Russian Only)

Сокол (Also offers private cottages; more expensive)

Price : Starting 2200 Roubles- Single Room

Address : 105062, Москва, ул. Покровка д.30

Tel : +7(495) 916-11-51, +7(495) 916-33-64

Website : (English Available, but price not stated in the English page)

Павловское подворье

Price : Starting 1500 Roubles- Double Room

Address : г.Суздаль, ул. Молодежная, д. 27.

Tel : +7(910)-092-57-77; +7(49231)23-116

Website : (Russian Only)

Горячие ключи

Price : Starting 2100 Roubles - Single; 2900 Roubles - Double

Tel : +7 (492) 3124-000

Website : (Russian Only)


Godzillas Suzdal Hostel

Price : 650 Roubles per person (dorm)

Book Godzillas Hostel in Suzdal