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Sergiev Posad


General Information on Sergiev Posad


The name Sergiev Posad was given to this city, in memory of Russia's most brilliant spiritual leader St Sergius of Radonezh, who was the key factor for Russia's win against the Tartars (descendants of Gengkhis Khan).

For centuries, Sergiev Posad has been the biggest religious and cultural center of the Russian state. In 1993, Sergiev Posad was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The ideal way of sightseeing Sergiev Posad is by a day trip from Moscow.

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Sights in Sergiev Posad


The main structural sights in Sergiev Posad lies within the Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius.


Cathedral of the Trinity (Troitsky sobor)
Cathedral of the Trinity
Built in the 1420s and distinguished by its gleaming-white exterior topped with gold domes. It contains the revered holy relics of St. Sergius in its southeast corner.








Cathedral of the Assumption (Uspensky sobor)
cathedral of the assumption
Constructed by the order of Ivan the Terrible. Austere and monumental, it follows the forms of the Assumption Cathedral of Moscow Kremlin which was a symbol of the state power. The narrow high windows in two rows underline the impressively thick walls.
Near the north-western corner of the Assumption Cathedral there is a small structure with a hip roof. It is the burial-vault of Tsar Boris Godunov, his wife Maria, son Feodor and daughter Xenia.






Vestry (Ritznitsa)
Located behind the Trinity Cathedral, contains the monastery's rich treasury. On display are 600 years worth of donations from the rich and powerful jewel encrusted vestments, fine tapestries, solid-gold chalices, etc. Admission is R150; open Tues-Sun 10-5:30.


Bell Tower or Chapel-at-the-Well (Nadkladeznaya chasoynya)
Bell Tower
Built over a miraculous spring that is said to have appeared during the Polish seige. It is topped by a five-tier baroque bell tower, which took 30 years to build. It once had 42 bells, the largest of which weighed 65 tons.










The Tsar’s Chambers
tsars chambers
It was used by pilgrims from the Royal family. In the 18th century the vaults of the Chambers were decorated with fine stucco and carvings.









The Sergiev Posad State History and Art Museum-Reserve
art and museum
The State History and Art Museum-Reserve in Sergiev Posadis a major treasury of Russian art. It is located within the walls of the ancient Trinity-St. Sergius Laura.






Toy Museum
toy museum
Sergiev Posad is often called the capital of the toy kingdom. Arts and crafts were flourishing in the towns and villages nearby the monastery. Wooden toys, which were known as «Trinity» toys, became particularly popular. According to the legend the first «Trinity» wooden toy was made by the Prior of the Monastery, St Sergius of Radonezh.





Map of Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius



How to get to Sergeiv Posad

By Bus

The bus leaves from the main Shcholkovsky Bus Terminal.
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Busses leaves every 15 mins from Moscow starting at 7:00am till 22:30pm.

Busses leaves every 15 mins from Sergiev Posad starting 5:30am till 22:50pm

Journey takes 2 hours . Bus station is near the monastery.

By train

The commuter train, called elektrichka, leaves from Yaroslavsky Train Station.

Tickets should be purchased from the suburban ticket desk.

Journey 1.5 hours, cheaper and smoother. But less convenient as there is a 10 minute walk to get to the main sights.

Train leaves from Moscow starting 5:30am till 23:45pm.


Accommodations in Sergiev Posad


Master Hotel Sergiev Posad

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Price : 2500 roubles / room (including breakfast)

Address : г. Сергиев-Посад, Овражный пер., дом 2 а.

Tel : +7 (496) 547-8088, +7 (496) 541-3054






Hotel Aristokrat

Sergiev Posad Hotels

Address : 141300, Россия, Сергиев Посад, Сергиевская ул, 1A

Tel : +7 (49654) 72-594






Restaurants and Entertainments in Sergiev Posad

  • Restaurant "Golden Ring"
  • Сергиев Посад г., Красной Армии просп., 121
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