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The Golden Ring

Ancient towns of Russia

The Golden Ring is a group of cities situated in the northeast of Moscow, each of them having played a significant role in historical events of Russia.

Tours to The Golden Ring are seemingly popular, ranking third amongst the most popular tourists hotspots in Russia. These towns are now mostly converted into "open air museums", which features unique Russian architecture of the 12th to 18th centuries like the kremlin, monasteries, churches and cathedrals.

The Golden Ring consists of many cities such as Sergiev Posad, Vladimir, Suzdal, Yaroslav, Kostroma, Rostov Velike, Pereslav Zaleskii, Ivanovo, Ryabinsk, Uglich, Alexandrov and Gus Khrustalny. Here is a picture illustrating the locations of each of the cities of the Golden Ring.

map of golden ring

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The most popular cities of The Golden Ring









Tour packages of Moscow usually includes a 2 day visit to 3 of these cities of the Golden Ring. (1 day Sergeiv Posad 1 day Vladimir and Suzdal) and tour operators usually charge around 200-250€ per person (for a 2 days 1 night trip).

It would be cheaper if you visit these places yourself, with the cost breakdown of

  1. hotel - 20€ per night (sleeps 2)
  2. Transportation - 10€ (return)
  3. Meals - 16€ (2 fairly good meals)

Prices are on a "per-day" basis.