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Restaurants, Accomodations, Cruises, Activities, Skiing, Trekking, Bike rental, Car rental, Clubs, Pubs, Disco, or any other companies which deals with tourists..

Promote your business and services online for free, by publishing your contents on our website. Write contents about your business and gain visibility.

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Tour Companies / Freelance Agent

Budget travel Russia deals mainly with budget travel, therefore we will advertise for tour companies which offer quality tour for below average prices.

If your company organises budget tours, we would be more than happy to advertise for you.

Freelance agents who operates on the Trans-Siberian route, or the bigger cities, please do write in for more information.

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Travellers, did you have an unforgettable memory in Russia?

Share your photos, experiences, itenaries & insider tips with us. This will benifit all other budget travellers who are planning to travel Russia.

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